An introduction

Hello! My name is Sean Tubbs, and I’m a journalist who has recently launched a new phase of his career. I want to create news products that can help connect people with their communities.

This website is the central portal for all things related to the media outlet Sean Tubbs is trying to put together beginning in the fall of 2020. The idea is for this to transition into the central place to see everything. This is a work in progress and you are welcome to make a donation through Patreon or so sign up for a subscription to Charlottesville Community Engagement, free or paid, through a newsletter platform called Substack.

The URL you currently see is not what I want it to be. I reserved this domain name a long time ago and it’s what I came up with at the time. It’s intended to be a throwback to the name of an Edward R. Murrow show. But I don’t think it fits what I want to do.

At the moment I am pursuing my interests but I am hopeful to help others spread information about areas of interest to them. I believe that the areas I’m interested in need more attention, so I am asking others to pay me to do the work I can do to tell stories about how decisions are made in this community about where houses go, where roads go, and so much more about what architects call the built environment.

It is my hope to provide a constant flow of information about this area. But I’ve decided to relaunch my writing career because of the pandemic, and a sense of duty to bring people  information about things that are happening. On March 15, I created a podcast that became known as the Charlottesville Quarantine Report in order to better understand myself what was going on with the disease. In the first month I produced an almost daily program, and ended up transforming my bedroom into a recording studio and office space.

Over the summer, I decided to launch a daily newscast and newsletter and as of September 5, I have produced two months of a daily show that I’ve been calling Charlottesville Community Engagement. This program is intended to give a very quick overview of what’s going on and what’s coming up.  This builds on a newsletter I write called the Week Ahead which previews what is coming up in local government meetings. That program is sponsored by the Piedmont Environmental Council, my former employer.

This is all built on a dream I have had for many years, a dream that has been reality at several points in my career. I began as a professional in 1995 as a public radio intern, and I’ve had a good career. I took a break from the work, but I’ve been thinking about writing ever since. Writing is how I explore the world and how I order my mind. In doing so, I’m able to help others understand the world of process.

I am seeking to run my life as a business, as most of my waking hours are spent pursuing this information. This is the work I have always wanted to do, and I am getting back to covering a beat that I know very well. I am excited to work alongside other dedicated journalists in this community as we all work to document Charlottesville’s in the third decade of the 21st century, a period of transition and healing.